You Were Created for Purpose

You Were Created for Purpose

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I will never forget the time my wife and I were visiting a nursing home. As we entered the front doors there we meant two elderly women sitting on a bench together. Bundled in each of their arms were babies held tightly with loving care. As we approached they each stood up to greet us and show off their little packages of joy. As they gently moved the blanket covering their faces, we were surprised by what we saw. Instead of being greeted by the little faces of babies we discovered that these were nothing more than plastic dolls. It became apparent that these two ladies weren’t aware of this fact because they insisted that we take a closer look. We played along pretending that their illusion was real.

I couldn’t help but think how this relates to our need to have a purpose and relevance within our own lives. These two senior citizens though old in years still sought out the need to connect with some purpose that gave them value and meaning. The difference for you and I here is that we want to have intentional purpose for our lives and not some counterfeit that only gives a false sense of relevance.

You were never born to be a wandering generality but a meaningful specific. You were created to have a positive impact on your world. Think about it, everything was created and placed in this world by design, there are no accidents.

The following is from a rare book from 1876 I discovered in the trunk of an old car that was on its way to be crushed at the wrecking yard. It does a wonderful job portraying the connectedness we have with creation.

Life is not mean—it is grand. If it is mean to any, he makes it so. God made it glorious. Its channel He paved with diamonds. Its banks He fringed with flowers. He overarched it with stars. Around it He spread the glory of the physical universe— suns, moons, worlds, constellations, systems—all that is magnificent in motion, sublime in magnitude, and grand in order and obedience. God would not have attended life with this broad march of grandeur, if it did not mean something. He would not have descended to the blade of grass, the dew-drop, and the dust-atom, if every moment of life were not a letter to spell out some word that should bear the burden of a thought. How much life means, words refuse to tell, because they cannot.

The very doorway of life is hung around with flowery emblems, to indicate that it is for some purpose. The mystery of our being, the necessity of action, the relation of cause to effect, the dependence of one thing upon another, the mutual influence and affinity of all things, assure us that life is for a purpose to which every outward thing doth point.

The Royal Path of Life written 1876

It doesn’t matter how often I read those words, I am encouraged. I am reminded that I am the result of an infinite God who takes pleasure in seeing every aspect of His creation fulfilling its purpose. Our world places great value on preserving the Earth and spares no expense or effort in discovering, exploring protecting every aspect of creation. You my friend are part of that creation; in fact I believe that everything in creation was created for your personal discovery and pursuit. If every aspect of life tells us that it was made for purpose how much more is our life to be purpose driven.

These words also remind me that I am not the result of an aimless accident but have a personal destiny to discover and experience. Why should we think any differently?

One story that captivates my mind regarding the power of a purpose driven life is the story of Nick Vujicic. Nick was born with no arms and no legs, which was a complete unexpected shock to both the doctors and Nick’s parents. It must have seemed devastating to look down at their new born child and wonder how they were going to get through this crisis.

As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Being bullied at school for his limbless disability, Vujicic grew depressed and by the age of eight, contemplated suicide. At age ten being swept up in hopelessness he decided to end the pain he was experiencing.

“If God will not take away my pain and if there is no purpose for me in life… if I’m here only to experience rejection and loneliness… I’m burden to everyone and I have no future… I should just end it now.”

Fortunately, Nick did not go through with it out of love for his parents. After praying to grow arms and legs, Vujicic eventually realized that his accomplishments could inspire others and became grateful for his life. A key turning point came when his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with a severe disability. Vujicic realized he wasn't unique in his struggles and began to embrace his disability.

Nick writes in his book: Life Without Limits “I trust Him (God). I have full assurance in my heart that even without arms and legs, I can build a wonderful life.” Nicks incredible story challenges us that nothing is impossible, that there is purpose given to everyone and everything. Nick speaks to audiences all across the world and continues to have a profound impact in the lives of thousands of people.