What is Leadership?


Most people are looking for leadership or they have a secret desire to be a leader themselves. This is because they don't understand that they already have the capacity of leadership on the inside of them and some wrong conclusions about what leadership really is.

It really comes down to completely wrong definitions to how our culture and society understands leadership. Here are some things leadership is not.

  • ¬†True Leadership is not necessarily your boss at work!
  • True Leadership is not based by how many people you are in charge
  • True Leadership is not how big of a tribe you have that is following you.

The real truth, most people who say they are leaders are actually controllers who really don't understand the definition I am about to give you.

The true definition of leadership is when you discover your gift, your unique voice to the world and you serve that gift as a solution to solve the problems around you.


From this definition you can begin to see that every person was born to lead. Why? Because every person has built in capacity. When God created birds to fly, he gave them the capacity on the inside of them. Birds do not become fliers; they were born with capability and by acting on that capacity.

You have the capacity to do something very special in the world, I call it your unique voice. You just haven't thought about it in that way and as a result may not be nurturing it.

Trapped in you right now is a hidden leader. You live in a trap set by your environment, by your conditions, by peoples definitions and opinions, by culture and traditions.

But I guarantee you! Leadership is built in you. You just have to discover and nurture it.




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