Turn your dissatisfaction into purposeful action

Recentlycard I have been reading Stephen Covey's book "The 8th Habit." In the book he defines the 8th Habit as Finding Your Voice and Inspiring Others To Find Theirs!

What is your voice? Covey defines it as "One's Unique Significance To The World" He goes on to say that it is discovered when we face our greatest challenges. I believe that finding one's voice is critical to living a life that is motivating and fulfilling. Leaving a legacy is our heritage. We were never meant to simply live a life void of purpose and passion.

Sadly as an author of 3 books myself on the topic of human behavior and potential I have seen that most have no clue as to what their personal voice sounds like in a world. The mantra of our day seems to be hopelessness.

I'm stuck in a rut, I have no life, I'm burned out, exhausted or, no one values or appreciates me, I don't feel especially needed - not at work, not by my teenage and grown children, not by my neighbors and community and not even by my spouse. Maybe I just don't have what it takes, I feel empty inside, my life lacks meaning, something is missing!

Moving past the survival mode of our own overwhelm and getting back to what we as individuals were created for seems to be paramount to our ability to have real and meaningful impact in our world.

Covey says that the discovery of one's voice is the result of realizing four things.

1. Talent - What your good at (natural gifts and strengths).
2. Passion - What you love doing.
3. Conscience - What you feel is right and should be doing.
4. Need - An area where there is pain, hurt. A place where you can add value.

Don't give in to the mantra of the majority! Rediscover the life of your design. How easily we sell our birthright by enslaving ourselves to someone else's dream. Obviously there is nothing wrong with working as an employee or working to enhance someone else's vision but more often than not we end up in a co-dependent relationship where employees are stifled from expressing their full voice and potential. Look at most leadership relationships and their constituents and you will find this to be true.

Connecting to your voice and inspiring others to do the same is a quest worthy of your time and effort.


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