The Philippines Outreach July 2016

The Philippine Outreach July 2016

PeoplePowerRevolutionAquino1986It is sometimes difficult for us as westerners to grasp a clear understanding of the Philippines or her people. There has always seemed to be a clash of cultures, with abject poverty in the provinces on the more than 7,000 islands and children seen begging on the streets streets of Manila, and at the same time an industrious people seeking to lift themselves up. They are a family and relationship-based people who are committed and dedicated to the things in which they believe. They are proud of their heritage of standing tall, even though they, as a culture, have suffered greatly. I have sat across the table listening to a Filipino describe themselves as being like a strong bamboo tree that bends with the winds and storms, but never breaks. We were there during the People Power Revolution starting in 1983. The country was represented by half of the population being under the age of 18. We saw the youth as a huge opportunity and reached out to them in the University belt area. Our desire was to print and distribute a magazine called “The Student Prober”. It was a huge vision but we knew that it would open doors into the hearts and minds of the youth of that country. Our maiden issue was to include an article called, Who Are The Supermen of Our Generation?

whatifIt addressed our need as a society to look for saviors, superheros as it were. At that time many young people saw Cory Aquino as that one person who would save their country from the previous years of the Marcos regime. Obviously we understand that there is only one who saves and it is He who has given us the mandate to bring answers to our world around us.

Incredible times to be sure. The challenge remains and the needs are just as large today. We believe that God has called us to help....

We will arrive in Manila on July 1st and plan on being there for most of the month. Our plans will include holding a GRACE EMPOWERED LIVING CONFERENCE in Manila in Cavite, Laguna and in Digos City, Mindandanao with Alejandro Flores at his church “Jesus is Our Lord Ministries Int.”

These people need to hear a message of freedom and love. Religion has bound so many in this culture. It instigates a message of fear, which dis-empowers them from experiencing God’s blueprint for their lives. Debra and I have a passion for connecting people to their true identity and blueprint and showing them what is possible for their lives.

We want to give our friends and family the opportunity to seed into this wonderful opportunity. Can you help us? I believe that God will stir and will bring the full amount that we need, which is about $5,000! God is our source but he uses the relationships of those around us to work through.  To that we both say thank you in advance.


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