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How to experience God in your area of need

Is there an area in your life where you need a miracle?

Ask most people and they will say, YES.

For some it may be a restored marriage, a child gone adrift. For others, it might be financial, a new home or a car. Many are in need of a miracle in their body.

What is your greatest area of need? What miracle are you believing God for?

What stops us from experiencing miracles?

First and foremost I believe it starts with having uncertainty! In other words, not having the assurance about what God's will is for us in our personal lives. It isn't because we lack faith... Believe me, you have enough faith. More often than not it is uncertainty that blocks and keeps our faith from being activated.

The problem with having uncertainty is that our minds does not like not knowing so it will want to fill that gap. This is where we come up with "reasons" why we are not experiencing the miraculous in our lives.

Our experience begins to supersede what God's word says and we start coming up with excuses why it's not working.

Here are a few "reasons" we have heard through the years.

I must be out of God's will
What I am believing for must not be God's will
I must have sin in my life
It might be God's will for others but not for me
God is testing my faith
There must be a generational curse
God's mad at me

There are always two voices that will be speaking to you and trying to persuade your heart. First there is the voice of reason, circumstance and speculation. Then there is the voice of God which is based on the Finished work of what is already ours. Two contradictory thoughts opposing each other.

It is only by knowing God promises about what you are seeking for that all uncertainty can be removed and steadfast faith is made possible. His promises reveal to us what God is eager to do for us. Until we know what God's will is, there is nothing on which to base our faith.

Watch for our next newsletter as we begin to explore how to activate our faith for miracles in our life.

I have a gift for you this week, download "Overcoming Obstacles". Listen to the story that starts from a daughter who chose to live on the streets, begging for food who eventually after giving birth takes her precious infant daughter and "loses her" after having a psychotic break and losing her own identity. This is a message that will build your faith for the miraculous in your life.


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