The Miracle Project

The Miracle Project Pt. 2

How to experience God in your area of need

We had just returned from the mission field and moved into a small apartment in Sacramento, California. It was but a three months later that we came under financial distress and became concerned about their ability to keep up with the rent. Soon we fell a week behind and knew that sooner than later the manager of the complex would be knocking on our door serving us an eviction notice.

 Knowing that our only source was God, we began to pray that Monday morning in earnest about our need. As the morning turned into the afternoon, there indeed was a knock at the door and when we opened the door there stood the apartment manager.

The inevitable was about the happen!

The manager took a breath and began to speak. I have been manager here at these apartments for two years now and have made the decision to leave my job. Out of all the other residence that live here I would like to ask you both if you would consider taking my position. You would receive free rent, free utilities, and a phone.

 That next day Debra, our three year old child and I moved from that upstairs apartment unit to our fully paid for apartment.
Oh... And that's not all that happened that day when the manager knocked on our door.
We received two other miracles that day. The phone rang and on the other end was the voice of someone we had never met. He had a large youth ministry that had a radio program. He had somehow heard of us and our own weekly program called "The Harvesters Call." He told us that he had just upgraded his radio studio and wanted to give us his old equipment worth several thousand dollars.

Later that same evening another miracle took place by way of the phone. On the other end, another stranger we had never met told us a strange story. He lived in the Denver, CO area and was at his church that past Wednesday night. As he walked up toward the front of the auditorium to place a prayer request in the basket our names on another piece of paper caught his attention. He picked it up and began to ask who this couple was that was listed. He was a developer of a resort in Aspen, Colorado and felt compelled to reach out to us and help. He asked only one question on the phone, "What do you need?" I want to help!

Know Who Your Source is

There is a valuable lesson here. When faced with life's most difficult moments it is important to know where to turn. Desperation can sometimes cause us to panic not knowing where to turn. Our relationship with Jesus is a personal one and we turn to Him in our times of need.
- You may receive a paycheck each week from a company but ultimately it is God who is your source. He knows how to get stuff to you.
- Doctors do what they do based on the knowledge they currently have, but ultimately, it is God who is your source.
- Your child may not be in a good place at the moment but ultimately, it is God who is your source.
Making God your source means casting your cares and worry to God and letting go. This is not easy if you are not spending time in His presence.

"And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:7

Stay in the safety of Gods peace until your miracle shows up.

I have a gift for you this week, download "Overcoming Obstacles". Listen to the story that starts from a daughter who chose to live on the streets, begging for food who eventually after giving birth takes her precious infant daughter and "loses her" after having a psychotic break and losing her own identity. This is a message that will build your faith for the miraculous in your life.

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Standing together with you,
Scott, Debra Johnson

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