My Story Is His Glory – How to share your faith


Everyone has a story that showcases God's intervention in our lives. It is your story that God shines and communicates his

Your life should be a collection of stories! Stories about how you overcame an obstacle. Stories about challenges and victories. Stories about transitional experiences that were meaningful.

how to share my faith by Scott JohnsonThese stories are very powerful when shared correctly. They have the ability to emotionally connect you with people in a powerful way that communicates a larger life lesson and truth to others. Like the time I was walking toward a registration table in a hotel. The person sitting behind the table was sitting in a wheelchair and as I walked toward him I suddenly had a vision.

I literally saw myself walking up to the side of this mans wheelchair and tapping the wheel on the chair and saying these words, "So, when are you going to decide to get out of that thing?" Yes, this really did happen to me and I knew instantly that it was God directing me to talk to this gentleman. You might be wondering at this point if indeed I followed the direction in my vision.

Before I answer that, lets talk about your story.

What was a meaningful experience you had which became a transitional moment in your life. How did God take something that seemed so hopeless and revealed himself to you in a dramatic way?

You see, your story is his glory! It reveals to others how God can step into their situation and circumstance and turn things around for them. What was the larger message of my story in the hotel? Well, let me tell you. As I walked up to the side of this man in a wheelchair, I reached out with my foot and tapped it. I heard myself say those words, "So, when are you going to decide to get out of that thing?"

Fortunately, this man who later introduced himself as David was quite forgiving and did not take offense. I began to share about how God wanted to heal him.

He responded that he was catholic and he knew that it was God's will but it will be in his perfect timing. I went on to share how sometimes get use to situations and problems that we face in life to the point that they become "our normal". I talked with him about how he can use his imagination to create a new normal for his life that he could have faith for.

What happened next changed my life forever. You see up to that point I thought this vision and conversation was about helping this poor guy in the wheelchair.

Let me explain...

While talking with David a voice which I believe was the voice of the Holy Spirit began talking to me. He started out with the exact same words I spoke to David before I tapped the side of his wheelchair. So, Scott... When are you going to decide to get out of your wheelchair of poverty?

At that very moment, I knew this was not about David. I realized I had been "set up" as it where. This was about me and why I was struggling to break free from financial struggle in my life.

I had been sitting in a wheelchair just like David but my wheelchair wasn't built with metal and rubber wheels. My wheelchair was a mindset of poverty that I had become use to and had become normal to me.

This event started me on a transitional journey where I started changing the beliefs of my heart from one of struggle to a mindset of abundance.

Okay, so I have now showcased to you a story which I experienced and demonstrated it in such a way that has a life lesson.

The question I want to ask you is "What is your wheelchair that has stopped you from moving forward?"

Now it is your turn, begin thinking about what meaningful story in your life can you use to share with others. Remember, your story is his glory!


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