cycleofdefeatBreaking The Cycle of Defeat

How to Live a Life of Limitless Possibilities

All around us we see people who are broken in one way or another, people who have been locked in by life's circumstances, with seemingly no way out.

We live in a world full of lives who are not with their true selves, the results are both evident as well as devastating. Being in sync could be described as someone who is living authentically to their true self.

Living an authentic life means that you are...

* Living True to your identity
* Living True to your purpose
* Living True to your passions and core desires



BookCoverImage Empowered

 Living Beyond Limitations

Authored by Scott Johnson

Every person has a desire to experience a higher quality of life on a more consistent basis in their lives. However, having a desire and knowing what to do about it are two entirely different things. This book will open the doors to new ways of thinking about your life and God's magnificent plan for you on a personal basis. It will reveal the keys to experience a personal transformation that demonstrates the power of God's love and grace to a world that is searching for answers.

Get ready to put your super cape on because you are about to discover many incredible new ways that God desires to demonstrate Himself through you in the world.

* Living Life More Fully
* Experiencing Greater Degrees of Success
* Getting Unstuck
* Living Life More on Purpose
* Dissolving Fear and Self-Doubt
* Enjoy more meaningful Relationships
* Letting Go of Stress And Having More Fun in Life
* Becoming an Agent of Change
* Touching a World in Distress