Philippine Outreach Progress

976_3911We have been here for about 10 days now and I can truly tell you that this will stand out as a highlight of our ministry. Thirty years ago we left the Philippines in despair because of a lack of finance. We had always dreamed of the day that we could return and do something of significance.

As it turns out, this was that trip. We have seen more lives touched and impacted the we ever did in the total time we were here before. Our mission here as it seems has been targeted to many pastors and leaders.

Pastor 4We were encouraged by how the Gospel of Grace is growing here. I spoke by the Spirit of God that the Philippine nation is RIPE for the Gospel of grace. Yes, there are those who would fight against it even as those who fought the Apostle Paul in their desire to base their salvation upon works righteousness. Here is the Philippines I prophesied that there is an explosion that is even now taking place where it concerns the goodness of God being revealed to the hearts people the people here.

The Ground is Fertile Says The Lord

Our hearts were filled with a passion as we looked into the eyes of these dear pastors, knowing that the Holy Spirit is at work in them both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Grace Empowered Living is a message that has surly found a home with the lives of many here.

pastorsWe will have three more meetings in the Manila area before going to Davao city in the south Mindanao are of the country for a while. Continue to stand with us and pray that we will cease every moment of our time here to make generational impact in churches everywhere.

Thank you again for those of you who have stood with us in this outreach. We are your hands extended in the harvest field of this nation.


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