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We are very excited about our soon to be published book "UNLIMITED YOU - Overcoming Obstacles In Your Life."

UnlimitedBook_100x300Our target date is Aug. 15th to get this exciting new book to you. You will be inspired and encouraged as you read stories of faith about overcoming obstacles in your life.

We need your help to get this published and to meetsome other goals we have for publishing a weekly podcast.Here is how you can help us.... We are making a special pre-pub offer. That means you can pre-pay and and receive a book at a discount. You can get it for just $13 includes shipping.For your gift of $13 you will receive an autographed copy once we publish.CLICK HERE and send $13.00 or more

If you give $25 dollars or more, we will also ship you an UNLIMITED YOU Tee-shirt AND an autographed copy of UNLIMITED YOU.

ShirtWhite_Unlimitedt-shirtback_UnlimitedClick Here if donating over $25

Thank you for your help, our hearts are full and running over with a vision to have an impact on the lives of thousands of people around the world. We currently are reaching 1,000 people every week using the power of Internet. Join our Facebook page and "Like" the page at:

We all of our thanks,

Scott, Debra Johnson


Picture on right features Geoffrey Munialo from Kenya. He has helped us produce a satellite radio show that touch many places in that country.
With your help we are looking forward to relaunching this outreach as well.


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