It only takes $4.00 to impact one life!

It Only Takes $4 to Impact One Life!
Join us in Our 30 Day Challenge to Impact 1,000 People!


filipino-smilingIn the Month of July Debra and I will be traveling to the Philippines where we will be spending 30 days focused on impacting over 1,000 individuals with the Gospel of Grace.

We have an AMAZING Invitation to travel to the Philippines and invest our lives into this nation for 30 days!

Our goal is to raise $4,000 which works out to just $4 per person! Imagine, being able to significantly have an impact on a life for a one time gift of just $4.00!

We Are There To Build People

In a sentence the Gospel represents the revealed knowledge of God about who we are,  our identity and what is possible for our life. God extends himself to us giving us FULL PERMISSION to live life fully where it concerns purpose, our dreams and desires.

The Philippines is a country that has been stifled in many ways. We don't know how much of an impact or result there will were it concerns generational.

Where are we going and what will we be doing?

will_lynnGRACE EMPOWERED LIVING Manila Conference

Our first stop will be in Quezon City which is in Metro Manila where we will be holding an all day conference at the facility of Pastor Will and Lynn McCulloch. A group of pastors in the Manila area have agreed to support and work together toward this event. We anticipate around 400 participants to be in attendance.



Ministry at Word of Grace Church

That first Sunday we will be ministering in the services at Word of Grace Church. This is a follow up from the previous day’s conference with many new people who were not able to attend the previous days meetings.  I am told, Pastor McCulloch has a ministry that is awesome! His ministry is full of the GRACE of God, and establishes one in the knowledge of who they are in union with Christ.


WORDforAllNationsInternationalWORD for All Nations International

The second Sunday we will be ministering at Pastor Paul Mata’s church. They meet in a movie theater which is inside of an indoor mall. Pastor Mata was the one who invited us and set most of the meetings up while there.



Jesus is Lord Ministries – Pastor Alejandro & Marlene Flores

We will be getting on a plane and flying to Mindanao, Davao City and then driving on to Digos City. We have been friends with the Flores’s for several years and have had them in our home. Pastor has the heart of passion for the Lord and it shows. He along with his wife represent a number of churches that they have helped start. He is on radio and television throughout the area.  We will be holding revival meetings, ministering on Sunday morning and feedings indigent children while we are with them.

These are just three of the many area’s we will be reaching out to and we need your help to do it. Can you help sponsor one or more individuals so that they have the opportunity to attend a Grace Empowered Living Conference in their area?

Your Gift of Any Amount – Receive a Postcard From The Philippines. Sponsor 10 or more and receive an autographed copy of my most recent book.

We are going on an outreach to the Philippines and we want you to be a part of our mission. If you can help us by sponsoring 25 people we would appreciate it.

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Our last trip which was the result of many of our online friends helping us with an outreach to Uganda, Africa. We reached out to business leaders as well as many others and have seen some amazing results. We ended up with a radio program that played throughout Kenya for a while. We also continued to support an orphanage for several years. What a great opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives.







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