Faded Glory

fadedgloryThis is from friend Greg Nichols who attends Charis Bible School. I thought that you would be blessed by it.

So I was driving to healing school the other day and was mulling over in my mind why we have a tendency to lean so heavily on religion, along with the traditions and rules that govern our view of God. And even when we come to know grace, we're very reluctant to give up what we've been clinging to...

As I was thinking those thoughts, there was a shoe box in my trunk in which the brand name was reflecting off the back window and into the rear view mirror "FADED GLORY". I snapped a pic of it.

I felt the Lord was saying that when His glory fades and people can't see Him for who He is, they cling to religion as a sense of security. Notice how the words aligned perfectly with the side road leading off the "main road", indicating that this type of perception will lead you astray. Wow!!!

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