Cooperative Economics The easy way to raise the money you need

raising-fundsRaising money can be difficult, I know because I have been there. After years of approaching friends and family. Sending out newsletters, postcards and email. Running fundraising dinners and hosting concerts. If you have been there you know how exhausting it can be.. ad nausea. We finally convinced ourselves that we needed to start a business so we can fund our dream which can be a BIG mistake. Why you ask? Because building  a direct marketing business took us away from what we were most passionate about.

We then discovered Crowdfunding which had it's own list of problems and issues. Let's face it, most people don't have enough contacts in their social setting to raise the hundreds and even thousands of people that it takes to raise the money you need. Another issue is that most giving from Crowdfunding is a one time gift... Guess what, you have to start all over again.

Fortunately, things change and evolve. One company has taken it to the next level thorough what is called a "Global Community." In the old days, pioneers would come to an area to homestead acreage. They would come together with the community of others in the area to help build each others home. In one momentous effort everyone would gather together and raise the roof of a home or barn for someone else.

These settlers discovered that if they helped their neighbor, they in turn would be helped. Today, we call it cooperative economics!   This is a simple way of being able to use  the leverage of the combined efforts of others to reach our project goals here.

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