173 Young People Give Their Lives To Jesus

Debra and I are both encouraged by what we are hearing from the Philippines. Pastors Von and Maya have just reported that they just completed a Youth Camp in Infanta, Quezon where 173 young people give their life to the Lord!

Every one of them have agreed to go through the 10 Days to Living a Transformed Life book!

Pastors Von and Maya

Pastor Von has a vision to train 17 young leaders to handle 10 person each and let this 173 young people share another until we distribute this course to all of the Philippines!

This is a powerful vision that will impact thousands of
youth all across this nation.


We need your help to distribute and place this course into the hands of an eager young person. Current estimates are 250 pesos to print. This is a little over $5 for each book. Our initial printing will be for 100 copies which is $500.

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Leadership Teams Are Given a T-Shirt











youth2 youth3

Rise of The Grace Nation Youth Conference


I want to thank many of you who partnered with us and helped us reach out to the Philippines this last July. It was an amazing time where we were able to impact people's lives over  a 30 day period of time.  We were able to see thousands of lives touched and ministered to, all because we had people partnering with us. Now we have another opportunity for you to be involved I was recently asked by a pastor in the Manila area to help him with a conference called, Rise of the Grace Nation!

This is a conference that they are hosting youth leaders from all over the country in order to come together and discover how they can impact their nation! Pastor Von Azagra and his lovely wife Maya asked us if I knew of materials that could be used as a discipleship course that they could  be used by the Youth Leadership who are attending the conference. These could then be taken to hospital's to to prisoners in prison. The course could be used for one-on-one discussions and discipleship training programs that they can really reach and touch their nation with.

Pastors Von and Maya
Pastors Von and Maya

Pastor Von told me that these leaders are looking for to be empowered to effect their nation! Obviously our hearts were stirred, we wanted to provide the materials and resources they desperately needed. The amazing part of this story is that I had just finished writing a self-study course 15 minutes earlier when Pastor Von texted me. The course is called the 10-Day To Living a Transformed Life!

This is a powerful study where the reader can read a lesson and then answer questions, causing greater interaction with the God's Word and discover their identity as well as the finished work of Jesus and what it means for them. This is a powerful powerful self-study book. We are already hearing great and amazing feedback from people who have reviewed it.

The title again is, The 10-Day To Living a Transformed Life! I want to ask you if you would consider partnering with us, as you know it takes a team...  It takes all of us o be able to achieve projects like this where we are able to impact thousands of people. Our goal is to want to put this book into the hands of every person in that attends this conference. Think of this as an investment, yes it's going to cost money to achieve this but the rewards are profound.

I want to invite you to visit our partnership page and help us with your gift.

We are excited that we see can take place as result. We want to ask you to partner with us during this time where together we can do some amazing amazing things in the Philippines! I'm want to give you a free gift because you are taking time to watch this video. I want to give you the first lesson of this course to take a look at! Simply click below and fill out the form to become a partner. There is no donation required, simply fill out the form and you will get access to the first lesson as well as some other resources we want to give you.

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Once you download and read the first lesson you can make a decision to partner with us or not. Any amount can be of help to us, twenty dollars, sixty dollars or ninety dollars. Quite possibly you might want to sponsor the entire event with a gift of $1,000. This would almost put this course in the hands of every person in attendance.

Now, if you choose to help us, I would like to send you a copy of free copy this book as well as an audio file containing a powerful message that i gave while we were in the Philippines. It's about about living a transformed life and about overcoming obstacles in your life. I want to invite you to join Debra and myself as we reach out across the world into the Philippines and the nations with the good news gospel of God's grace! God bless you my friend I hope you choose to join us.

Send us your gift cards and save a life

We can turn your Gift Cards into cash and yes, possibly save a life!

We are very excited about what God is doing through our recent outreach to the Philippines. We are preparing to run a fundraiser for a outreach project that will touch thousands of youth in that country.

The President, Rodrigo Duterte recently declared a war on drugs and has created an opportunity for ministries in that country to impact thousands lives. Because of the war on drugs thousands of drug dealers have turned themselves in. Many thousands of young people who have been in the grip of addition are reaching out for help.

duterte-image-775x390We have partnered with many ministries in the country of the Philippines who desire to get involved in this opportunity to touch these lives.

Our vision is to provide resources and materials that will be used to impact these youth with the gospel. One such group will be involving ministry leaders all across Manila starting in the month of October of 2016.

We have been asked to provide  resource materials and help with the start of what we call Dream Circles. Dream Circles are small groups of people working together to discover God's blueprint in their lives. This is a transformational course of study that not only establishes a person in their personal faith but will assist them in discovering their own purpose, potential and leadership voice.

transformcover_smHere is how you can help, if you have a gift card of any type sitting around or if you are so moved, you can pick one up at the store.

Send it to us at: Grace Empowered Living 8042 W. Massey Cir. Littleton, CO 80128

We will turn your gift into cash and maybe even get more from the value on the card by holding raffles and silent auctions. Hey, how about a ski package or... hmmm tickets at a NFL game. Let your imagination go and lets get this project funded!

We would like to see an additional $10,000 dollars come in for this one project alone.

If you wish to give directly, you can partner with us on a monthly basis or give one time. Simply click on this link here to get started:


Find out how you can pick up a copy of "10 Days To Living a Transformed Life." by clicking here.  In fact we are sending this out as a thank you gift for your donation of $20 or more.

Philippines Day 3

We arrived in Manila and are right now getting use to the time change. I believe for the most part we have adjusted, one more night and we will have all cylinders firing order. Last at, I awoke as the Lord stirred within me as to His vision for our time here. I was assured that we are right in God's timing and that he has great things in store for these people.

George_RossToday, we were blessed by the associate pastor to Word For All Nations International. Their names are Pastor George and Ross who treated us to getting our hair cut and Debra enjoyed getting her nails done.

What an honor to serve our gift to these people. I woke up about 1:30 am thinking that it was about 3:30... My heart was stirred with these words I posted earlier on Facebook.

"How God defines quality of life is different from how you may define quality. Quality is defined by the impact you have in your world and others around you. In other words... Fruitfulness."

Here is a video I shot this afternoon while visiting a local shopping mall. It is considered to be a small mall compared to others which are much larger. I was surprised at how busy it was as people came and went. The busiest store was one selling women's make up... A long line went out the front door.


Watch our page as we walk out the next 30 days of the miraculous. Tomorrow we meet with the group of leaders who joined together with Pastor Paul Mata and his dear wife Vicky to bring us to the Philippines.


52 LifeLessons Newsletter

Things are shaping up as we prepare to leave for the Philippines. Many of our 52 Life Lesson members are from Asia so if you happen to be in the Philippines, feel free to join us.
I want to give you a couple of pictures to give you an idea what we are doing. This is a poster that advertises our first outreach in Manila.
After words we will be traveling to Cavite and will be repeating the same conference.
Grace Empowers us to do some pretty incredible things... Does it mean we won't have problems and obstacles? No it does not, we are empowered day by day in the midst of circumstances.
I just posted an article on my blog that will be part of a series called: Toxic Beliefs About God That Keeps You Weak. Perhaps, this is one false belief that people fall into.
If I serve God, nothing bad can happen to me... Or how about this one, if I serve God, if something happens that is bad, it must be God's will.
Wow, that can really create confusion in some people. Feel free to go to my blog and read the article:
Here is one more picture of the team in the Philippines who are working to put this conference together.
They are mostly pastors from different places who are working together.
We appreciate them for what they are doing. These are proven ministers of God who are bringing the message of God's grace to the nation of the Philippines... Pray for them and pray for much fruit out of our time with them.
52 Life Lessons is where we first met, I hope you have benefited. I will be adding onto the series soon and will be creating some video for you.
We desired only the very best for your life...
God bless you,
Scott, Debra Johnson
You can still be a part of this opportunity by giving toward this outreach. We are still in need of your support. Simply Click Here to find out more about what we are doing.