How To Thrive In Chaos

How to Thrive in Chaos! What do you do when everything goes chaotic? One moment everything is fine and wonderful and then everything falls apart. For instance, the time our 22 year old daughter with her to infant baby a went on a trip. We had just weeks prior put them both on a bus to Albuquerque where she was going to stay with some friends. Suddenly she was gone no phone calls no nothing. We later founder in the Albuquerque jail as a result of having a mental breakdown sad to say Chaos comes in many shapes and sizes from a small inconveniences like losing your keys to significant moments in life, such as we experienced. Feelings of chaos happens when our reality is not meet our expectations. Chaos is always unplanned and shows up in the most inopportune moments and can cause us emotional and mental havoc. Here's how you can thrive in chaos.


How can you be chaos prepared? Well, be emotionally chaos ready has a lot to do with where you draw your personal value and worth from. You see our identity could be built upon the shifting sands of our world or on the solid rock of value and worth it comes from God Himself. Society has always believe that our identity and worth come from outside ourselves and others acceptance of others, our possessions and how we interpret our world. Think about it. If our value and worth is based upon an external world, we become emotionally bound to the ups and downs every time, something doesn't go right and believe me, things always to go up and down if your value and worth is based upon the solid and firm love that comes from God. You will always experience more emotional stability so the next time shows up on your stair step you'll be ready.

#2 DO

The second thing you can do is to thrive in chaos is do what do you do when chaos hits. Do you find someone or something to blame? Do you become self focused and are you worried about. looking good or being right You see, most people will avoid and control and blame when they're in chaos. Instead remind yourself this is not who I am! This is not who I am! This does not define who I am step outside of the situation and focus on the mission remember the mission and where you're going

#3 BE

What is this mean. It means who are you being in that moment of chaos? are you focused on the solution or on the problem, remember there is no value when avoiding controlling or blaming. What am I talking about Well avoiding, controlling, blaming your team, your family, your spouse, your environment, even yourself, remember, focus on the mission and the solution. The Bible puts it. This way be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. As you rely and trust in the movable, steadfast of rock of God's view and opinion of you we're reminded of God's promise to you and I that it is He who is it work in you both to will and do his good pleasure.










Proof Positive That There is Greatness In You!

In your own past when you were a child, there was literally always an innate desire to do something great?

I mean think about it how many times when you were a kid did you climb off your chair and tried to fly you know jump off and be a superhero or from a garage? How many times that as a child we grew up and we didn't know any limits?

I mean our imagination was our playground mean our imagination was our playground. We went and did and we saw, we had these incredible dreams! We pretended. That's part of the innate desire that's built on the inside of every one of us to be something great to do something wonderful in this world!

That's part of your DNA, that's who you are as a person and to deny that fact to move away to shift to move out of that only moves you into a life of stress and discouragement and frustration so to embrace the greatness of the capacity of God in your life is who you are that's what you're about but do something awesome in this world to shift things that need to be shifted to move things that need to be moved to be who God's called you to be there's no limitations, no limitations!

The only limitations that really are the ones in our head.

Owning Your Life, Owning Your Dreams, Owning Your Results!

Let's talk about ownership - Owning your life, owning your dreams, owning your results!

Ownership is everything! Why? Because there is freedom in ownership. Most people run from it because of the responsibility it brings to them. As long as I can blame others for the results I am getting, I can absolve and make excuses for the results.Blame my wife, blame my car, my parents, the weather, blame the dog next door.

Here's another point I want to make whatever you need in life will own you and control you! I want to say that again, Whatever you need in life will own you or control you!

If you need money you will be controlled by the people you believe will give it to you. If you need love, you will be controlled and manipulated by the people you believe will hold the keys of love for your life.

Owning your life is taking your power back! It is the ability to detach from outside influences to the things you think you need.

Thirst is a powerful thing! When you are thirsty, you will do whatever it takes to quench that thirst. Take a look at a drug addict, they will steal and destroy the lives of those around them because they have a false belief that what they are doing will satisfy the thirst or need in their life.

What are you believing about in your life that you need?

As long as you continue to walk down that path you will never have true ownership and control. You will never experience the personal power to live out your dreams as intended by God.

Take for instance that words Jesus spoke to a woman. He told her that he had water to give her and that this water was unlike anything she had ever tasted before. In fact, once she drank it, she would never thirst again!

What was Jesus telling her? He was telling her that once she tasted of this living water he was describing that she would no longer be controlled by outside influences, her source things like love and identity would find it's security from God's view and opinion of her. She would instead be free to flow from an inexhaustible supply that would well up from within to the point that she would become unstoppable!

That is the power of God's selfless act of love for each of us. The good news is that it is something you can tap into starting today!


The Miracle Project


How to experience God in your area of need

Is there an area in your life where you need a miracle?

Ask most people and they will say, YES.

For some it may be a restored marriage, a child gone adrift. For others, it might be financial, a new home or a car. Many are in need of a miracle in their body.

What is your greatest area of need? What miracle are you believing God for?

What stops us from experiencing miracles?

First and foremost I believe it starts with having uncertainty! In other words, not having the assurance about what God's will is for us in our personal lives. It isn't because we lack faith... Believe me, you have enough faith. More often than not it is uncertainty that blocks and keeps our faith from being activated.

The problem with having uncertainty is that our minds does not like not knowing so it will want to fill that gap. This is where we come up with "reasons" why we are not experiencing the miraculous in our lives.

Our experience begins to supersede what God's word says and we start coming up with excuses why it's not working.

Here are a few "reasons" we have heard through the years.

I must be out of God's will
What I am believing for must not be God's will
I must have sin in my life
It might be God's will for others but not for me
God is testing my faith
There must be a generational curse
God's mad at me

There are always two voices that will be speaking to you and trying to persuade your heart. First there is the voice of reason, circumstance and speculation. Then there is the voice of God which is based on the Finished work of what is already ours. Two contradictory thoughts opposing each other.

It is only by knowing God promises about what you are seeking for that all uncertainty can be removed and steadfast faith is made possible. His promises reveal to us what God is eager to do for us. Until we know what God's will is, there is nothing on which to base our faith.

Watch for our next newsletter as we begin to explore how to activate our faith for miracles in our life.

I have a gift for you this week, download "Overcoming Obstacles". Listen to the story that starts from a daughter who chose to live on the streets, begging for food who eventually after giving birth takes her precious infant daughter and "loses her" after having a psychotic break and losing her own identity. This is a message that will build your faith for the miraculous in your life.


The Miracle Project

The Miracle Project Pt. 2

How to experience God in your area of need

We had just returned from the mission field and moved into a small apartment in Sacramento, California. It was but a three months later that we came under financial distress and became concerned about their ability to keep up with the rent. Soon we fell a week behind and knew that sooner than later the manager of the complex would be knocking on our door serving us an eviction notice.

 Knowing that our only source was God, we began to pray that Monday morning in earnest about our need. As the morning turned into the afternoon, there indeed was a knock at the door and when we opened the door there stood the apartment manager.

The inevitable was about the happen!

The manager took a breath and began to speak. I have been manager here at these apartments for two years now and have made the decision to leave my job. Out of all the other residence that live here I would like to ask you both if you would consider taking my position. You would receive free rent, free utilities, and a phone.

 That next day Debra, our three year old child and I moved from that upstairs apartment unit to our fully paid for apartment.
Oh... And that's not all that happened that day when the manager knocked on our door.
We received two other miracles that day. The phone rang and on the other end was the voice of someone we had never met. He had a large youth ministry that had a radio program. He had somehow heard of us and our own weekly program called "The Harvesters Call." He told us that he had just upgraded his radio studio and wanted to give us his old equipment worth several thousand dollars.

Later that same evening another miracle took place by way of the phone. On the other end, another stranger we had never met told us a strange story. He lived in the Denver, CO area and was at his church that past Wednesday night. As he walked up toward the front of the auditorium to place a prayer request in the basket our names on another piece of paper caught his attention. He picked it up and began to ask who this couple was that was listed. He was a developer of a resort in Aspen, Colorado and felt compelled to reach out to us and help. He asked only one question on the phone, "What do you need?" I want to help!

Know Who Your Source is

There is a valuable lesson here. When faced with life's most difficult moments it is important to know where to turn. Desperation can sometimes cause us to panic not knowing where to turn. Our relationship with Jesus is a personal one and we turn to Him in our times of need.
- You may receive a paycheck each week from a company but ultimately it is God who is your source. He knows how to get stuff to you.
- Doctors do what they do based on the knowledge they currently have, but ultimately, it is God who is your source.
- Your child may not be in a good place at the moment but ultimately, it is God who is your source.
Making God your source means casting your cares and worry to God and letting go. This is not easy if you are not spending time in His presence.

"And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:7

Stay in the safety of Gods peace until your miracle shows up.

I have a gift for you this week, download "Overcoming Obstacles". Listen to the story that starts from a daughter who chose to live on the streets, begging for food who eventually after giving birth takes her precious infant daughter and "loses her" after having a psychotic break and losing her own identity. This is a message that will build your faith for the miraculous in your life.

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