A Christmas Miracle That Gives Back… Can you help this orphanage?

Dixon and Valintine - Kenya, AfricaEach year Debra and I have had the privilege of sowing into a young couples life and ministry near Kenya, Africa. We first met Dickson and Valentine while in Uganda during one of our outreach ministry trips. They had raised enough money to take the long bus ride from their home to Uganda, Africa. It was immediately noticeable to both Debra and I that they were special because of their big smiles and absolute positive personalities.

We have been able to give enough funds each year to provide enough seed and fertilizer to plant on land that was theirs to use. From this harvest they are able to sustain the orphanage and school that they both oversee. Not only did it provide food for the children but enough to be sold in the market to provide for their other needs.

Last year they were contacted by officials from the government  that they were now required to pay 1,000 shillings (about $300 U.S) to register their school. They were told that they would not be allowed to stay open if they were not able to pay this fee. Months ago they reached out to us for help and unfortunately we have just not had the funds to do anything.

They have called on several occasions letting us know that they government had continued to harass them for the fees and again said they would close them down. Fortunately, up till now, their school has remained open and has not been closed.

On each pHITACHI HDC-1491Ehone call we would pray with them, believing God for provision for this need. For the last few days, I have been feeling strongly about this and feel led to reach out to you via email and the Internet to ask if you would help during this time. 

We would like to bless them not only with the funds to pay for this registration fee but give them and the children a Christmas to remember.

Can you help during this time?

We will be sending 100% of the funds received via Western Union. To get in on this blessing, simply go to the below link. You should be able to give with a credit/debit card. When selecting the type of payment, please select "Gift", this will save on fees that Paypal usually charges for transactions.

A simple gift of $10, $20 or even $100 can go a long way. I would like to raise a minimum of $600 or more. All participants will be listed below 


Again, thank you in advance!



God Bless You!

Scott, Debra Johnson


Kerman Carr   $10
Barry Stollings $50
Robert Rewerts $100
Cool Trader Associate Account - Canada $220

Much greetings am very much happy to hear from you. Hope you are fine in Jesus name. How is your daughter in low? Hope God is going to touch her to accept him as his personal savior.
As we were talking in the phone, our school has not been registered; The education officer gave us one month of June to make sure that the school has the license of running it. They said that the date line will be 1st of July 2013. The registration fee is 25,000Ksh. Last month, Nov. 28th they came back to the school and said it was their last time for me to beg them. When they come back the end of December they will just close it down. So I am praying and believing God to provide so that I get peace with the school.
We need your prayers. Believe that when we join our hands in prayers the lord will provide.
I have attached photo for maize plantation.
May the blessing of our mighty God be with you forever and ever. with much love and prayers.
Valentine &Dickson


 Dixon and Valintine - Kenya, Africa Dixon and Valintine - Kenya, Africa