Tee Shirt Our Way of Saying, Thank You!

As with most ministries we are in need of your assistance. We are currently raising funds to purchase video equipment and get into a studio. We have a vision for reaching many thousands with the good news message that God gives us.  You can be a part of touching and ministering to those we are touching in a positive way.

ShirtWhite_love With your donation of  aGrey_front_loveny amount over $16 we will send you a tee-shirt of your choice. To view tee shirts more closely, Click on the picture.  The first tee shirt can be ordered to have the image on the front or the back. It has the words LOVE. (TAKE AS MUCH LOVE AS YOU CAN USE)






Second Tee shirt choice as a way of saying thank you for your donation.

The second tee shirt is the UNLIMITED YOU on the front and the back  Simply click the donation button and provide us with as much information we need to send this out to you.


We have a wide variety of ministry needs. We have many invitation to travel and minister in countries like the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya and Brazil. We have local needs, for instance a dependable vehicle, Office space large enough for a studio. We also have an opportunity to raise funds to support 15 orphans on a monthly basis in India.

We want to thank you in advance for being a part of this ministry.