Philippines Day 3

We arrived in Manila and are right now getting use to the time change. I believe for the most part we have adjusted, one more night and we will have all cylinders firing order. Last at, I awoke as the Lord stirred within me as to His vision for our time here. I was assured that we are right in God's timing and that he has great things in store for these people.

George_RossToday, we were blessed by the associate pastor to Word For All Nations International. Their names are Pastor George and Ross who treated us to getting our hair cut and Debra enjoyed getting her nails done.

What an honor to serve our gift to these people. I woke up about 1:30 am thinking that it was about 3:30... My heart was stirred with these words I posted earlier on Facebook.

"How God defines quality of life is different from how you may define quality. Quality is defined by the impact you have in your world and others around you. In other words... Fruitfulness."

Here is a video I shot this afternoon while visiting a local shopping mall. It is considered to be a small mall compared to others which are much larger. I was surprised at how busy it was as people came and went. The busiest store was one selling women's make up... A long line went out the front door.


Watch our page as we walk out the next 30 days of the miraculous. Tomorrow we meet with the group of leaders who joined together with Pastor Paul Mata and his dear wife Vicky to bring us to the Philippines.