How To Thrive In Chaos

How to Thrive in Chaos! What do you do when everything goes chaotic? One moment everything is fine and wonderful and then everything falls apart. For instance, the time our 22 year old daughter with her to infant baby a went on a trip. We had just weeks prior put them both on a bus to Albuquerque where she was going to stay with some friends. Suddenly she was gone no phone calls no nothing. We later founder in the Albuquerque jail as a result of having a mental breakdown sad to say Chaos comes in many shapes and sizes from a small inconveniences like losing your keys to significant moments in life, such as we experienced. Feelings of chaos happens when our reality is not meet our expectations. Chaos is always unplanned and shows up in the most inopportune moments and can cause us emotional and mental havoc. Here's how you can thrive in chaos.


How can you be chaos prepared? Well, be emotionally chaos ready has a lot to do with where you draw your personal value and worth from. You see our identity could be built upon the shifting sands of our world or on the solid rock of value and worth it comes from God Himself. Society has always believe that our identity and worth come from outside ourselves and others acceptance of others, our possessions and how we interpret our world. Think about it. If our value and worth is based upon an external world, we become emotionally bound to the ups and downs every time, something doesn't go right and believe me, things always to go up and down if your value and worth is based upon the solid and firm love that comes from God. You will always experience more emotional stability so the next time shows up on your stair step you'll be ready.

#2 DO

The second thing you can do is to thrive in chaos is do what do you do when chaos hits. Do you find someone or something to blame? Do you become self focused and are you worried about. looking good or being right You see, most people will avoid and control and blame when they're in chaos. Instead remind yourself this is not who I am! This is not who I am! This does not define who I am step outside of the situation and focus on the mission remember the mission and where you're going

#3 BE

What is this mean. It means who are you being in that moment of chaos? are you focused on the solution or on the problem, remember there is no value when avoiding controlling or blaming. What am I talking about Well avoiding, controlling, blaming your team, your family, your spouse, your environment, even yourself, remember, focus on the mission and the solution. The Bible puts it. This way be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. As you rely and trust in the movable, steadfast of rock of God's view and opinion of you we're reminded of God's promise to you and I that it is He who is it work in you both to will and do his good pleasure.