Owning Your Life, Owning Your Dreams, Owning Your Results!

Let's talk about ownership - Owning your life, owning your dreams, owning your results!

Ownership is everything! Why? Because there is freedom in ownership. Most people run from it because of the responsibility it brings to them. As long as I can blame others for the results I am getting, I can absolve and make excuses for the results.Blame my wife, blame my car, my parents, the weather, blame the dog next door.

Here's another point I want to make whatever you need in life will own you and control you! I want to say that again, Whatever you need in life will own you or control you!

If you need money you will be controlled by the people you believe will give it to you. If you need love, you will be controlled and manipulated by the people you believe will hold the keys of love for your life.

Owning your life is taking your power back! It is the ability to detach from outside influences to the things you think you need.

Thirst is a powerful thing! When you are thirsty, you will do whatever it takes to quench that thirst. Take a look at a drug addict, they will steal and destroy the lives of those around them because they have a false belief that what they are doing will satisfy the thirst or need in their life.

What are you believing about in your life that you need?

As long as you continue to walk down that path you will never have true ownership and control. You will never experience the personal power to live out your dreams as intended by God.

Take for instance that words Jesus spoke to a woman. He told her that he had water to give her and that this water was unlike anything she had ever tasted before. In fact, once she drank it, she would never thirst again!

What was Jesus telling her? He was telling her that once she tasted of this living water he was describing that she would no longer be controlled by outside influences, her source things like love and identity would find it's security from God's view and opinion of her. She would instead be free to flow from an inexhaustible supply that would well up from within to the point that she would become unstoppable!

That is the power of God's selfless act of love for each of us. The good news is that it is something you can tap into starting today!