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Shattering Toxic Beliefs - Discovering God's Love For You!

Having the wrong view and opinion of God and what He accomplished on our behalf can have devastating effects. Without realizing it, we have misunderstood what the Gospel is all about. We desire his presence and intervention in our lives but have kept the God of the universe at arms length from us with our toxic beliefs.

You may ask, how is this even possible? This book will challenge some of your most basic understandings about how we see God and as a result will awaken you to the incredible love and desire He has for you.0601

 You Can Write a Book in Just 30 Days!

As incredible as it sounds, people are doing this everyday! Have you always had a desire to write and publish your own book?

Well, now you can with this step by step video course that will take you by the hand and show you how. Writing a book does not have to be difficult. Scott has written 8 books and will show you how you can as well.

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10 Days To Living a Transformed Life: Discover God's Blueprint For Your Life

This course is phase one of several which will assist you in discovering God’s plan for living a life that you were born to live. Most people have never understood God’s desire for them and think of Him as an angry old man trying to escape connection. Nothing could be future from the truth as you discover a loving creator who has an amazing plan for your life. 
In this introductory 10-day transformation course, you will discover a life that rises above any outside influence or obstacle you have ever faced or will face. You will discover how partner with the God of the universe to achieve your purpose.


   Your Voice Your Message

Have you ever dreamed of taking your passion, your experience and expertise to the world around you? Do you have a desire to be seen and heard at a greater level? Are you a coach, adviser, consultant, topic expert or speaker who desires to leverage your voice for greater profits? 
Your Voice, Your Message is a proprietary 3-step system for discovering, designing and deploying your message, getting you seen and heard! If you're thinking that such a goal is too difficult or will take years to achieve, this book will inspire, motivate and give you the tools you need to get your life message out into the market...


Breaking The Cycle of Defeat   Breaking The Cycle of Defeat

All around us we see people who are broken in one way or another, people who have been locked in by life's circumstances, with seemingly no way out.

We live in a world full of lives who are not with their true selves, the results are both evident as well as devastating. Being in sync could be described as someone who is living authentically to their true self.


Overcoming Obstacles In Life  UNLIMITED YOU -
  Overcoming Obstacles In Life

Each of us have something magnificent to give to our world but all too often the obstacles and fears of life obscure our path and vision where it concerns what it is we really want.

This incredible message will show you how to move past those obstacles and frustrations that often stop us and live an effective life as it was meant to be lived.

You have an opportunity to be a part of something great! This is so much more than a message it is a movement that will capture your heart and mind.


  EMPOWBookCoverImageERED - Living Beyond Your

Every person has a desire to experience a higher quality of life on a more consistent basis in their lives. However, having a desire and knowing what to do about it are two entirely different things. This book will open the doors to new ways of thinking about your life and God's magnificent plan for you on a personal basis. It will reveal the keys to experience a personal transformation that demonstrates the power of God's love and grace to a world that is searching for answers.

Get ready to put your super cape on because you are about to discover many incredible new ways that God desires to demonstrate Himself through you in the world.


   Overcoming Obstacles

This is a powerful message that will absolutely rock your world. Scott shares from personal experience how he and his wife walked through a very difficult time in their lives and how they were supernaturally sustained.
 This is an encouraging word you can also share with a friend. This is an instant audio download.


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