Start Winning – Overcoming Obstacles In Life Book Launch

Start Winning - Overcoming Obstacles In Life 
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We are wanting to reach and impact as many people as possible. Our goal is to have an Amazon best seller but in order to do that, we need you. We need your help to accomplish that. Currently we have about 114 people who have "Liked" our Facebook page, we need to have a thousand or more to launch a successful book. The truth of the matter, we could write books all day long, I have written several books but it isn't until we get peoples attention.

Let me share with you just how important this message is. There are many people around us who are dealing with obstacles, frustrations and fears that they are dealing with. You know people, that you are connected to who need this message. You can't go through life without facing life's issues. this is a book that will take them to that next place to help them.

Not only do people deal with things from the past but there are people who have goals and ambitions, they have things they want to accomplish in their life. When we start moving toward our dreams, toward our goals it is a matter of fact, there will be obstacles there will be fears as well as failures. But it is the people that the right tools, the right knowledge, the perspectives on life about how to achieve what it is they desire.

We want you to be a part of that message to the world, this is a message that people need to hear and we want to invite you to join us so please help us, please go to our Facebook page at: and click the "Like"  and the "Share" button inviting your Facebook friends to our page. Thank you for choosing to become a vital voice, a crusader for this book: Start Winning - Overcoming Obstacles In Life