Send us your gift cards and save a life

We can turn your Gift Cards into cash and yes, possibly save a life!

We are very excited about what God is doing through our recent outreach to the Philippines. We are preparing to run a fundraiser for a outreach project that will touch thousands of youth in that country.

The President, Rodrigo Duterte recently declared a war on drugs and has created an opportunity for ministries in that country to impact thousands lives. Because of the war on drugs thousands of drug dealers have turned themselves in. Many thousands of young people who have been in the grip of addition are reaching out for help.

duterte-image-775x390We have partnered with many ministries in the country of the Philippines who desire to get involved in this opportunity to touch these lives.

Our vision is to provide resources and materials that will be used to impact these youth with the gospel. One such group will be involving ministry leaders all across Manila starting in the month of October of 2016.

We have been asked to provide  resource materials and help with the start of what we call Dream Circles. Dream Circles are small groups of people working together to discover God's blueprint in their lives. This is a transformational course of study that not only establishes a person in their personal faith but will assist them in discovering their own purpose, potential and leadership voice.

transformcover_smHere is how you can help, if you have a gift card of any type sitting around or if you are so moved, you can pick one up at the store.

Send it to us at: Grace Empowered Living 8042 W. Massey Cir. Littleton, CO 80128

We will turn your gift into cash and maybe even get more from the value on the card by holding raffles and silent auctions. Hey, how about a ski package or... hmmm tickets at a NFL game. Let your imagination go and lets get this project funded!

We would like to see an additional $10,000 dollars come in for this one project alone.

If you wish to give directly, you can partner with us on a monthly basis or give one time. Simply click on this link here to get started:


Find out how you can pick up a copy of "10 Days To Living a Transformed Life." by clicking here.  In fact we are sending this out as a thank you gift for your donation of $20 or more.

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