Know someone who needs funding



You know someone who needs funding?

We know that there are many individuals who are seeking to do good in their communities. These are the givers in our world who need our help.

 Your personal referral  will help others make that all important connection.

Simply fill out the form below by providing their contact information  Rest assured, the crowdfunding system we use can assist them in reaching their financial goals.

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We utilize a powerful Crowdfunding system that leverages the combined contributions of many people. We can turn your one time small gift into thousands of dollars that will provide the necessary funds to not just one but many who desperately need our help and assistance.

We are an "intentional community" What is an intentional community? It is a community sharing in a way, which allows all our projects to benefit by potentially reaching more donors, thereby creating a greater chance of success with our own project.  This means that when you make a donation to someones project, that project manager may be choosing to use part of your donation to make donations to help other projects within our intentional community, thus benefiting all.

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