Proof Positive That There is Greatness In You!

In your own past when you were a child, there was literally always an innate desire to do something great?

I mean think about it how many times when you were a kid did you climb off your chair and tried to fly you know jump off and be a superhero or from a garage? How many times that as a child we grew up and we didn't know any limits?

I mean our imagination was our playground mean our imagination was our playground. We went and did and we saw, we had these incredible dreams! We pretended. That's part of the innate desire that's built on the inside of every one of us to be something great to do something wonderful in this world!

That's part of your DNA, that's who you are as a person and to deny that fact to move away to shift to move out of that only moves you into a life of stress and discouragement and frustration so to embrace the greatness of the capacity of God in your life is who you are that's what you're about but do something awesome in this world to shift things that need to be shifted to move things that need to be moved to be who God's called you to be there's no limitations, no limitations!

The only limitations that really are the ones in our head.

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