Principles To Live By – Infographic

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#1 I am more than what I am currently experiencing in my life!

Although the current circumstances and problems in my life look impossible, I affirm that "I am more than a conqueror."

#2 The conclusions about who I am and what I am capable of do not come from my past definitions or experiences.

I reject the old mindsets of the past and I embrace the new! I trust in the greater one inside of me. His conclusions about my life are not based upon a greater truth.

#3 I am created to supersede and rise above the dictates of my  environment; not to be controlled by it!

#4 I am complete and the moment I come into that awareness is the moment I truly start experiencing it!

#5 I believe that limitless living can only be found by an identity capable of supporting it!

#6 I believe that my genesis is in God!

I am God's idea, he created me for purpose. I have his DNA which means, growth, creativity and fulfillment belongs to me.

#7  I believe that all humanity has been restored to live in harmony of their original design and blueprint.

The only criteria for enjoying the full benefits are to simply believe, trust and rely in God’s grace gift!

#8 I believe... that Gods grace gift to the world is the finished and completed work which took place through Jesus Christ!

#9 I believe... It is this Good News that leads me to a radical mind shift where it concerns my identity, original blueprint and design of what is truly possible for my life!

#10 I believe... Once this truth is discovered it leads me to understand that "I AM ENOUGH!"

In other words, the need driven drives of my life have been met, I am complete! This is the definition of true contentment, peace and joy which is the aspiration of all humanity.