Joseph Prince Ministries

Joseph Prince SermonsJoseph Prince Ministries is a ministry that is catching a lot of attention these days. I believe that it is because this is a ministry that is speaking to the frustrations many in the church are dealing with.

When you get down to it, people want their religious beliefs to have tangible results within their lives. People sometimes ask me if I am aware of Joseph Prince Ministries because of the many similarities in my books and message. The answer is of course, yes!

This is the message that Jesus came to give us. It is called the Gospel, which really means, "The Good News"! The good news of the good news is that Jesus accomplished it all for us. We don't have to wait on, beg for or struggle with it.

The Bible tells us that the Gospel "Is The Power of God Unto Salvation"! I urge you today to embrace the good news that all things are yours right now. Persuade your heart to the fact that the finished work of Jesus was and is indeed, finished and complete!

Turn on any Christian television station. It doesn't take long to hear the contrast between, what I call Old Covenant based preaching and those that are preaching the Gospel which based on the finished work of Jesus.

How can we know the difference?

  1. Realize when reading the Old Testament and even the New Testament that you should always read it in the context of what was provided after the death, burial and resurrection.
  2. Realize that there are things written in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts) that were not necessarily from a New Covenant perspective but from an Old Covenant perspective.
  3. Learn everything there is to know about what was provided by Jesus and then embrace that reality in the present.
  4. Realize that prayer is not trying to get God to do something that He has already provided. Prayer is connecting with your heavenly Father for fellowship and wisdom in living this incredible gift that is ours
    right now!
  5. Realize that declaring what is rightfully already ours through the finished work of Jesus in the present tense is the key to experiencing the miraculous in our everyday lives.

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