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Hey this is Scott Johnson with your inspiration and thought for the day. Now, if you haven't subscribed to my channel, yet click on the red button and if you're on YouTube or like share and comment. If you are on Facebook. Today, I wanna talk with you about how to eradicate fear out of your life! You see, I believe, fear should be listed as public enemy number one. Why? Well, because fear has caused more devastation in the lives of people than anything else I know. We have all at one level or another experienced fear at work in our own lives.

Maybe you've heard of the acronym for fear. F.E.A.R.

False Education Appearing Real. Stick with me and I'll tell you the story of one young missionaries battle and overcome the distorted view about what stopped him from getting results in his life and ministry on the mission field. It really is the tipping point for anyone who is dealing with fear in their life. Now quite possibly you may be facing emotional assault right now in your life, because of the issues that you're facing. On the the other hand, you may not even be aware of the subversive nature of fear that may be affecting your life, your health and, yes, your future!

You see, fear comes in many many forms. Things like insecurity inferiority, poor self-image all of these are rooted in fear. You see as a young person, I struggled with insecurity low self esteem always on the outside looking in on every conversation that I was involved in. I felt out of place. As a young person. It cause me to act out and connect with others who were also struggling in their life. The bible says that fear has torment and indeed it does. If you felt the torment of fear you know exactly what I'm talking about, sleepless nights, the heavy weight of hopelessness and the suffocating feelings of despair all work to destroy your health and your future. Literally fear, I believe is a thief that keeps you paralyzed were concerns the decisions that you need to make about your life. It literally steals your ambition and initiative that keeps people from living their dreams and taking action. Think about it, the future has been robbed of the unreleased potential of those who were stopped from living their dreams all because of fear.

The good news is that there is a remedy to fear and no it doesn't come in a pill box. This is not a prescription that comes from a doctor and yes, you can eradicate fear out of your life. Would you like to know the one antidote that will eradicate fear?

The same Bible verse that tells us fear has torment also says this perfect love cast out fear and it's not just any kind of love. The true, an antidote is unconditional love, that kind of love only comes from God himself. What this is saying is, if we are in fear, it is because we somehow lack an understanding of God's unconditional love for us.

You might be saying to me Scott, you know I know God loves me. I know those scriptures I single songs about how much God loves me, but I still have fear in my life. Well, let me share with you. There have been times in my own life where you know I thought I understood God's love as well. But unfortunately I discovered that I had, yes a wrong understanding of God and his love for my life. It was literally a distorted understanding that I've learned from what I was hearing from other people.

Let me explain by telling us A story that I heard about a young missionary who, after traveling from church to church you know he's preaching. He had his interpreter next to him and but he became discouraged because he wasn't having any results in his Ministry. It seems that the people just weren't getting the message.

He would have altar calls for those who wanted to receive Christ as Savior, but no one really respond. He would preach on God's willingness to heal them and he would want to pray and have them come forward, but it seems like no one was hearing anything. He had to say. Well, as time went on a seasoned missionary who served in the mission field for many years, he came and he sat in on one of his services.

Because of his years of service on the mission field he had come to know the local dialect. He understood the language he understood every word that has been spoken by that interpreter well. After the service He took the young minister aside and he spoke to him privately. This is what he said, did you know that everything you've been preaching was contradicted by your interpreter as it turned out.

The interpreter was not in agreement with anything that was being preached. Instead, what he was doing is was taking it upon himself to distort everything that he heard preached so when the young missionary told the people that God was a loving and merciful God and that that is why he sent his son Jesus to the world instead with People, God is an angry at them. It would punish them for all their evil ways. when the missionary told the people that it was God's will to heal to set them, to deliver them instead, the interpreter would tell them it's God's will that calamity in sickness and poverty. You see this is god's way of testing. You no wonder this missionary didn't get any results the people where hearing him preach were not hearing the truth. Instead we're hearing the distortion of the truth as a result their perception of God, which is completely based on a distortion of the truth. You see, I had many ideas about God that just wasn't so. I really didn't think God loved me unconditionally. It's hard to do this. If you know you've been told all your life that God is an angry God or his mad at you.

Sometimes God is angry with me sometimes he's happy with me sometimes he blesses me other times he's cursing me. Today he forgives the me all my sins tomorrow, though. I'm responsible for my own sins. Sound familiar? But then I discovered that God wasn't schizophrenic. He love me not based on my own performance, but was based on the fact of what Jesus provided for me.

You see all my sins were placed on him past present and future! Why is unconditional You'll love the remedy to fear? Think about because we avoid those we think we owe a debt to. I want to help you are eradicate fear out of your life and what I want to do is send you a free copy of my new book Shattering Toxic Beliefs About God Discovering God's Love For You.

You see this book will walk you through an understanding about the truth of God's love for you. This book here it's free to you! All I ask is that you pay for the shipping. So just click on the link in the description of this video and I'll ship this this book right out to you. You see I truly believe this message will take you from where you are to where you want be! So for more consistent motivation, be sure to follow me on Facebook on YouTube and on my webpage


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