The Finished Work of Jesus

Turn on any Christian television station. It doesn't take long to hear the contrast between, what I call Old Covenant based preaching and those that are preaching the Gospel which based on the finished work of Jesus. It amazes me... I just don't get it. Scripture is plan where it concerns the provision that Jesus made available to us. The problem is that we look into our own experience and the experience of others and based on that disqualify them, us and the entire world from God's grace. I guess it's easier to adapt our doctrine to our own personal experience then to simply believe what scripture teaches us.

The mistake takes place in our understanding of the difference between the "Old Covenant" and "New Covenant". The Old represents everything from Moses to when Jesus died and was resurrected. This by the way includes much of the Gospels. The New Covenant is what was provided to the world AFTER the resurrection of Jesus.

Everything changed on this side of the cross and it is what we should be embracing.  Be careful what you listen to where it concerns churches and ministries on Television. Their message is laced with Arsenic poison and will lead you to eventual spiritual burn out. (Remember the scripture that says, the letter kills but the spirit gives life) Am I saying that God doesn't work through these ministries? Not at all... God in His grace and mercy works through the frailties of man as well as through their religious idea's that don't always match up.

There are ministries on Television who has a message based on the Finished work of Jesus. People like Dr Charles Stanley, Joseph Prince Ministries and Andrew Womack Ministries are a few.

Keep what Jesus provided central. Understand that Jesus not only provided Salvation and forgiveness of sin but also made provision in every area of life. You may not be experiencing God's provision in area's of your life be careful not to disqualify yourself because you may not "Feel worthy", "Pray enough", don't feel like your "Spiritual enough". This is called works righteousness, which means that you are trying to qualify yourself to receive from God apart from what Jesus gave to you freely as a gift.

Receiving from God is as easy as simply believing what He has provided to you and for you. It is as easy as realizing that provision is yours now and in faith embracing it as already yours. Get valuable free resources about how to live and enjoy God's grace and resources every day of your life.