Couple accepts challenge presented by their church and raises $27,000 for new home!

HectorMartinezfamily Church changes the lives of their congregation by starting their own crowdfunding project and then presents it to their congregation. The congregation was given a couple of options:

1. Donate an amount of their choosing to help the church project

2. Donate $50 or more and the church would then help them identify and put their own project together.

What an amazing story to see a local church do something like this that enhances and has the ability to change the economic situations of their constituents. Hector Martinez and his family were recently forced to move from their two bedroom apartment into his mothers basement because they could not afford the $850 a month rent. They chose to step up with a $50 donation to their churches project so that they in turn could create their own project for a new home. In just 90 days, they raised $27,000 for a down payment on a home.


Click Here To Learn About How They Were Able To Do
This And The Crowdfunding Platform They Used.

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