Help Create a Christmas Miracle

"Silver and Gold have I none, but such as I have, I give"

What a powerful statement!

I am sure Peter & John stood there for a moment thinking to themselves what in the world could they give to this cripple who sat there begging for money.

They might have searched for a coin or two to give but found out that they were perhaps just as much in need. Instead of simply giving into the feelings of lack, Peter searched his heart and the immediately the words came to mind.

"But such as you have, Peter"

Lord what are you speaking to me about? Such as I have? How ridiculous. Anyone can see that we don't have ANYTHING TO GIVE, not one dime!

But again, the soft still words came "But such as you have.... GIVE"

Okay Lord, what do I have to give?

Instantly Peter saw what he had! He had the most precious gift of all... The very gift of life itself, Jesus Christ!

The words echoed again within Peter... Such as you have... give! Give it Peter, Give it away!

Peter stood there, looking at the cripple sitting before him and then he opened his mouth;

"Silver and Gold have I none, but such as I have, I give! Rise and WALK!"

Debra and I ask you to join us this year as we reach out and make a Christmas Miracle Come True!

Please click on the link and read the story about an African couple who have been giving what they have and are in need of our help at this time.

Scott, Debra Johnson