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52 LifeLessons Newsletter

by Scott
Things are shaping up as we prepare to leave for the Philippines. Many of our 52 Life Lesson members are from Asia so if you happen to be in the Philippines, feel free to join us.  . I want to give you a couple of pictures to give you an idea what we are doing. This is a poster that advertises our first outreach in Manila.  . After words we will be traveling to Cavite and will be repeating the same conference.  . Grace Empowers us to do some pretty incredible things... Does it mean we won't have…

You Were Created For More

As I walk and pondered our upcoming trip to the Philippines, I couldn't help but be stirred when thinking about our mission and opportunity in front of us in July when we leave for The Dream Tour. Our mission is to speak into the lives of more than 1,000 people concerning God's intention and promise. I have a deep conviction about this and I know that you do too. That conviction and belief is that every ACTION and thought concerning our imagination and dreams has huge consequences and impact upon…

It Only Takes $4 to Impact One Life!

by Scott
Help us Make a Generational Impact! Join us in Our 30 Day Challenge to Impact 1,000 People!   In the Month of July Debra and I will be traveling to the Philippines where we will be spending 30 days focused on impacting 1,000 individuals with the Gospel of Grace. Our vision is to watch God open the hearts and lives of these people with the demonstration of the power of the Gospel. From our past experience there is no doubt in our minds that we will see many miracles and lives reached during…

The Philippines Outreach July 2016

by Scott
The Philippine Outreach July 2016 It is sometimes difficult for us as westerners to grasp a clear understanding of the Philippines or her people. There has always seemed to be a clash of cultures, with abject poverty in the provinces on the more than 7,000 islands and children seen begging on the streets streets of Manila, and at the same time an industrious people seeking to lift themselves up. They are a family and relationship-based people who are committed and dedicated to the things in which…

Grace Empowered Conference – Philippines

by Scott
GRACE EMPOWERED LIVING MANILA CONFERENCE My wife Debra and I are excited about an opportunity to do something we have dreamed of for years. It all began thirty years ago when we left with our infant son Daniel to live and work in the Philippines. While there we we held crusades, spoke to school faculties and students in the university district, spoke in prisons, and filled in as a Pastor in Mindanao. I created materials that were distributed to over 100,000 people. We were filled with vision and…

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