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Quezon City, What is stopping you from taking that next step?

The great enemy is sameness... What do I mean by that? We simply get stuck in the daily routine of life and before you realize it, you are no longer choosing life, instead it is choosing you. Things like expansion, growth, purpose, passion are turned into passivity and survival. Most of us get lost in the sameness of our daily lives not realizing the possibilities that await us. We are meant for more... God help us all.  God gave a mandate to Adam and Eve to subdue and dominate, that sounds pretty…

Thrilla in Manila – Grace Empowered Conference

by Scott
GRACE EMPOWERED LIVING MANILA CONFERENCE My wife Debra and I are excited about an opportunity to do something we have dreamed of for years. It all began thirty years ago when we left with our infant son Daniel to live and work in the Philippines. While there we we held crusades, spoke to school faculties and students in the university district, spoke in prisons, and filled in as a Pastor in Mindanao. I created materials that were distributed to over 100,000 people. We were filled with vision and…

The Gospel – What is it?

by Scott
  As someone who grew up in church I learned as a small boy that the gospel was the first four books in the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In the four gospels we discover the amazing story of Christ showing up on Earth and being lived out for thirty three years. It is a story of God's immense love for his creation and His willingness to restore that which had been lost. "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans…

Top 20 Questions About Overcoming Obtacles In life – Overcoming Loneliness

by Scott
Question #4 How can I attract someone to me so that I am not lonely any more. Loneliness is a huge obstacle for many people. In the above video I talk about connecting on your passion and personal blueprint.  Your focus changes from self to serving others and living life big! Getting a vision for life and getting excited about your direction in life is simply magnetic. You will discover a new network of people attracted to you who are moving in the same directions as you. This is the fourth video…

Top 20 Questions About Overcoming Obtacles In life – Staying Motivated

by Scott
Question #1 How Do I Stay Motivated Regarding My Goals? Staying motivated is easy once a person connects with their core desires. Getting in touch with a compelling future excites and motivates you. Take Chelsie in the above video. At a young age she was impacted by wolves and as a result found a career in wolf biology. She is now feels "compelled" to move forward and do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. This is the first video in the series which outlines the top 20 questions people ask about…

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