Rise of The Grace Nation Youth Conference


I want to thank many of you who partnered with us and helped us reach out to the Philippines this last July. It was an amazing time where we were able to impact people's lives over  a 30 day period of time.  We were able to see thousands of lives touched and ministered to, all because we had people partnering with us. Now we have another opportunity for you to be involved I was recently asked by a pastor in the Manila area to help him with a conference called, Rise of the Grace Nation!

This is a conference that they are hosting youth leaders from all over the country in order to come together and discover how they can impact their nation! Pastor Von Azagra and his lovely wife Maya asked us if I knew of materials that could be used as a discipleship course that they could  be used by the Youth Leadership who are attending the conference. These could then be taken to hospital's to to prisoners in prison. The course could be used for one-on-one discussions and discipleship training programs that they can really reach and touch their nation with.

Pastors Von and Maya
Pastors Von and Maya

Pastor Von told me that these leaders are looking for to be empowered to effect their nation! Obviously our hearts were stirred, we wanted to provide the materials and resources they desperately needed. The amazing part of this story is that I had just finished writing a self-study course 15 minutes earlier when Pastor Von texted me. The course is called the 10-Day To Living a Transformed Life!

This is a powerful study where the reader can read a lesson and then answer questions, causing greater interaction with the God's Word and discover their identity as well as the finished work of Jesus and what it means for them. This is a powerful powerful self-study book. We are already hearing great and amazing feedback from people who have reviewed it.

The title again is, The 10-Day To Living a Transformed Life! I want to ask you if you would consider partnering with us, as you know it takes a team...  It takes all of us o be able to achieve projects like this where we are able to impact thousands of people. Our goal is to want to put this book into the hands of every person in that attends this conference. Think of this as an investment, yes it's going to cost money to achieve this but the rewards are profound.

I want to invite you to visit our partnership page and help us with your gift.

We are excited that we see can take place as result. We want to ask you to partner with us during this time where together we can do some amazing amazing things in the Philippines! I'm want to give you a free gift because you are taking time to watch this video. I want to give you the first lesson of this course to take a look at! Simply click below and fill out the form to become a partner. There is no donation required, simply fill out the form and you will get access to the first lesson as well as some other resources we want to give you.

Click Here to Access Your Free Lesson

Once you download and read the first lesson you can make a decision to partner with us or not. Any amount can be of help to us, twenty dollars, sixty dollars or ninety dollars. Quite possibly you might want to sponsor the entire event with a gift of $1,000. This would almost put this course in the hands of every person in attendance.

Now, if you choose to help us, I would like to send you a copy of free copy this book as well as an audio file containing a powerful message that i gave while we were in the Philippines. It's about about living a transformed life and about overcoming obstacles in your life. I want to invite you to join Debra and myself as we reach out across the world into the Philippines and the nations with the good news gospel of God's grace! God bless you my friend I hope you choose to join us.

Couple accepts challenge presented by their church and raises $27,000 for new home!

HectorMartinezfamily Church changes the lives of their congregation by starting their own crowdfunding project and then presents it to their congregation. The congregation was given a couple of options:

1. Donate an amount of their choosing to help the church project

2. Donate $50 or more and the church would then help them identify and put their own project together.

What an amazing story to see a local church do something like this that enhances and has the ability to change the economic situations of their constituents. Hector Martinez and his family were recently forced to move from their two bedroom apartment into his mothers basement because they could not afford the $850 a month rent. They chose to step up with a $50 donation to their churches project so that they in turn could create their own project for a new home. In just 90 days, they raised $27,000 for a down payment on a home.


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This And The Crowdfunding Platform They Used.