The Miracle Project

The Miracle Project Pt. 2

How to experience God in your area of need

We had just returned from the mission field and moved into a small apartment in Sacramento, California. It was but a three months later that we came under financial distress and became concerned about their ability to keep up with the rent. Soon we fell a week behind and knew that sooner than later the manager of the complex would be knocking on our door serving us an eviction notice.

 Knowing that our only source was God, we began to pray that Monday morning in earnest about our need. As the morning turned into the afternoon, there indeed was a knock at the door and when we opened the door there stood the apartment manager.

The inevitable was about the happen!

The manager took a breath and began to speak. I have been manager here at these apartments for two years now and have made the decision to leave my job. Out of all the other residence that live here I would like to ask you both if you would consider taking my position. You would receive free rent, free utilities, and a phone.

 That next day Debra, our three year old child and I moved from that upstairs apartment unit to our fully paid for apartment.
Oh... And that's not all that happened that day when the manager knocked on our door.
We received two other miracles that day. The phone rang and on the other end was the voice of someone we had never met. He had a large youth ministry that had a radio program. He had somehow heard of us and our own weekly program called "The Harvesters Call." He told us that he had just upgraded his radio studio and wanted to give us his old equipment worth several thousand dollars.

Later that same evening another miracle took place by way of the phone. On the other end, another stranger we had never met told us a strange story. He lived in the Denver, CO area and was at his church that past Wednesday night. As he walked up toward the front of the auditorium to place a prayer request in the basket our names on another piece of paper caught his attention. He picked it up and began to ask who this couple was that was listed. He was a developer of a resort in Aspen, Colorado and felt compelled to reach out to us and help. He asked only one question on the phone, "What do you need?" I want to help!

Know Who Your Source is

There is a valuable lesson here. When faced with life's most difficult moments it is important to know where to turn. Desperation can sometimes cause us to panic not knowing where to turn. Our relationship with Jesus is a personal one and we turn to Him in our times of need.
- You may receive a paycheck each week from a company but ultimately it is God who is your source. He knows how to get stuff to you.
- Doctors do what they do based on the knowledge they currently have, but ultimately, it is God who is your source.
- Your child may not be in a good place at the moment but ultimately, it is God who is your source.
Making God your source means casting your cares and worry to God and letting go. This is not easy if you are not spending time in His presence.

"And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:7

Stay in the safety of Gods peace until your miracle shows up.

I have a gift for you this week, download "Overcoming Obstacles". Listen to the story that starts from a daughter who chose to live on the streets, begging for food who eventually after giving birth takes her precious infant daughter and "loses her" after having a psychotic break and losing her own identity. This is a message that will build your faith for the miraculous in your life.

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Standing together with you,
Scott, Debra Johnson

173 Young People Give Their Lives To Jesus

Debra and I are both encouraged by what we are hearing from the Philippines. Pastors Von and Maya have just reported that they just completed a Youth Camp in Infanta, Quezon where 173 young people give their life to the Lord!

Every one of them have agreed to go through the 10 Days to Living a Transformed Life book!

Pastors Von and Maya

Pastor Von has a vision to train 17 young leaders to handle 10 person each and let this 173 young people share another until we distribute this course to all of the Philippines!

This is a powerful vision that will impact thousands of
youth all across this nation.


We need your help to distribute and place this course into the hands of an eager young person. Current estimates are 250 pesos to print. This is a little over $5 for each book. Our initial printing will be for 100 copies which is $500.

For one time donations Click Below:


Leadership Teams Are Given a T-Shirt











youth2 youth3

Send us your gift cards and save a life

We can turn your Gift Cards into cash and yes, possibly save a life!

We are very excited about what God is doing through our recent outreach to the Philippines. We are preparing to run a fundraiser for a outreach project that will touch thousands of youth in that country.

The President, Rodrigo Duterte recently declared a war on drugs and has created an opportunity for ministries in that country to impact thousands lives. Because of the war on drugs thousands of drug dealers have turned themselves in. Many thousands of young people who have been in the grip of addition are reaching out for help.

duterte-image-775x390We have partnered with many ministries in the country of the Philippines who desire to get involved in this opportunity to touch these lives.

Our vision is to provide resources and materials that will be used to impact these youth with the gospel. One such group will be involving ministry leaders all across Manila starting in the month of October of 2016.

We have been asked to provide  resource materials and help with the start of what we call Dream Circles. Dream Circles are small groups of people working together to discover God's blueprint in their lives. This is a transformational course of study that not only establishes a person in their personal faith but will assist them in discovering their own purpose, potential and leadership voice.

transformcover_smHere is how you can help, if you have a gift card of any type sitting around or if you are so moved, you can pick one up at the store.

Send it to us at: Grace Empowered Living 8042 W. Massey Cir. Littleton, CO 80128

We will turn your gift into cash and maybe even get more from the value on the card by holding raffles and silent auctions. Hey, how about a ski package or... hmmm tickets at a NFL game. Let your imagination go and lets get this project funded!

We would like to see an additional $10,000 dollars come in for this one project alone.

If you wish to give directly, you can partner with us on a monthly basis or give one time. Simply click on this link here to get started:


Find out how you can pick up a copy of "10 Days To Living a Transformed Life." by clicking here.  In fact we are sending this out as a thank you gift for your donation of $20 or more.

Discover Your Hidden Treasure

Nothing you could ever lose can leave you feeling more poverty stricken and desolate than losing your awareness of the wealth that is within you.

Recently, there were reportsgoldfever that the legendary Nazi train said to be laden with treasure and armaments has been located. Explorers in southwestern Poland have been digging in search of a local legend claiming a Nazi “gold train” that disappeared in a mountain tunnel as the Germans escaped the advancing Soviet army at the end of World War II.

The two men claimed last year to have located the elusive train with radar equipment deep in the bowels of the earth in the city of Walbrzych, sparking a gold rush to the castle city and the surrounding area.

Legends of gold to be discovered have always captured the imaginations of people. I can remember as a small boy my grandpa taking my brother and I on a local treasure hunt with a metal detector in hand to mountains to a place called Devils Head located here in Colorado. As legend had it, there was a train robbery many years prior of gold coins coming from the Denver mint.

The robbers were in fear of being caught which did happen, buried their treasure below a tree and marked the spot with an axe was stuck in the tree above. The problem was that there was a forest fire while they served time in prison which removed any signs of the coins.

treasureMy grandfather played it up pretty big to us kids and we relished the idea of discovering a metal box full of gold coins. It's amazing how excited we as humans become at the possibility of finding hidden treasure. The truth of the matter is that there is a greater treasure that awaits to be discovered and it's not under some rock The treasure I am talking about is the treasure that lies on the inside of us. There is nothing that can be compared to the wealth and treasure that is hidden within.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "What lies behind you and what lies before you are small matters compared to what lies within you."

Just what is this treasure that is hidden within? I call it your unrealized potential. It is the dreams, ambitions and desires that you never took action on.  The sad truth is that we have in many cases settled for less than what could have been ours. Our culture in many ways has conditioned us to become consumer minded rather than producer minded. We have stopped allowing our imaginations to roam freely where it concerns our potential.

 I heard someone say that no matter how big your dream is, you must eventually wake up if you're going to bring it to pass! The truth is that no matter what you are thinking about doing there comes a point in your life where you have to stop dreaming and do what you were born to do.
Here are three key points to help you get started.
  1. Stop disqualifying yourself - This is something that everyone deals with. "I'm too young", "I'm too old", "I'm not educated", "I've had too many failures", "I lack the knowledge." Abraham in the Bible found his confidence in God's word to him. God took him to the stars count them, then he was told to count the sand by the shoreline. God told him, so shall your seed be. Abraham became persuaded by what God told him and it was counted to him as righteousness.
  2. Don't let your past dictate your future - Abraham had every reason to find reason to not have a child. Instead he chose to not allow is past or present dictate to him. "And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara's womb" Rom. 4:19
  3. Take action on what excites you - It is said that a man with a dream needs no alarm clock. This perhaps could be a major reason for the level of usage of anti-depressants in our society. As a nation we have "opted out" where it concerns the treasure purpose and potential and as a result we lack the motivation and thrill that pursuing one's dream creates.

The last thing I would strongly suggest is that you simply get started and then don't quit! Will you fail? Most probably... It is part of the growing process. But as you continue to move forward, the road ahead will become clearer and more invigorating as you discover the treasure that lies within.


I want to partner with you in discovering your hidden treasure. You are the expression of the greatest idea that ever was! We want to invite you to join us in this journey...There are no strings attached, even if you don't have money.

CLICK HERE To Get Started and see what we are all about.

Philippine Outreach Progress

976_3911We have been here for about 10 days now and I can truly tell you that this will stand out as a highlight of our ministry. Thirty years ago we left the Philippines in despair because of a lack of finance. We had always dreamed of the day that we could return and do something of significance.

As it turns out, this was that trip. We have seen more lives touched and impacted the we ever did in the total time we were here before. Our mission here as it seems has been targeted to many pastors and leaders.

Pastor 4We were encouraged by how the Gospel of Grace is growing here. I spoke by the Spirit of God that the Philippine nation is RIPE for the Gospel of grace. Yes, there are those who would fight against it even as those who fought the Apostle Paul in their desire to base their salvation upon works righteousness. Here is the Philippines I prophesied that there is an explosion that is even now taking place where it concerns the goodness of God being revealed to the hearts people the people here.

The Ground is Fertile Says The Lord

Our hearts were filled with a passion as we looked into the eyes of these dear pastors, knowing that the Holy Spirit is at work in them both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Grace Empowered Living is a message that has surly found a home with the lives of many here.

pastorsWe will have three more meetings in the Manila area before going to Davao city in the south Mindanao are of the country for a while. Continue to stand with us and pray that we will cease every moment of our time here to make generational impact in churches everywhere.

Thank you again for those of you who have stood with us in this outreach. We are your hands extended in the harvest field of this nation.