What Is A Grace Empowered Life?

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52 Life Lesson #35- What Is A Grace Empowered Life?

Empowered by GraceGrace empowered relies on the overwhelming gift of God's righteousness in our lives. The scripture tells us to not be "comformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds." (Romans 12:2)

As we discover the truth of what is already ours in Christ, we begin to experience the reality of His life in us. "It is no longer I but Christ that lives in us" (Galatians 2:20)

Pursuing Christ, knowing Him and what He has provided on the cross, opens our eyes and hearts to this free gift. The free gift of His righteousness not only cleanses us from all unrighteousness but provides a life that is powerful, intentional and productive!

Everything comes by revelation! What is revelation? It is "revealed" truth. It is truth that the Holy Spirit reveals to us regarding what God's will is for our lives.

  1. It is truth internalized.
  2. It is truth that changes your perspective in every area of your life.
  3. It is truth that changes your expectations.

Revelation paints a picture of God's reality in your heart to the degree that you become compelled to explore it's hidden riches. It is when we see Him, it is when we know Him that He reveals His purposes for our lives. It is at that moment that we begin to experience a Grace Empowered Life!

Scott Johnson
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You Are God’s Child

Life Lessons - Scott Johnson

52 Life Lesson #34-You Are God's Child

You are God's ChildYou are immensely by God. When you received his gift you literally stepped into all that He is. The Bible tells us that you were delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God. In one instant, you were positionally moved, your state, your status was changed. Now it becomes a process of discovery as God begins to reveal to you just what it means to "walk in the light even as He is in the light". This is not theory or some high sounding idea that man made up.

Here are Four facts you will learn in this lesson.

  1.  You and I are loved by God
  2. You are considered to be His son and daughter and all the rights and privileges that belong to that
  3. There is There is nothing you can do to shatter or destroy God's love for you
  4. God does not try to control you, you are free to live in and enjoy the full rights of a son or daughter or you can chose to live outside of that provision.

How To Experience Greater Results As a Christian

Life Lessons - Scott Johnson

52 Life Lessons #1 -How To Experience Greater Results As a Christian

godsloveIn each lesson, I will seek to lay a foundation of truth that will assist you in some very positive rewarding ways. My desire is for you to experience God's goodness in your life in real and tangible ways where you are experiencing a more fruitful and productive life.

In this first lesson, I introduce the idea about how important it is to get a firm understanding of God's complete love for you and what that means for your personal life.

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