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Toxic Beliefs About God- #1 Making God Your Employer

by Scott
This is part of series from Scott's book: Toxic Beliefs About God That Keep You Weak. Addiction comes in many forms: drugs, alcohol, food, work, gambling, sex, even shopping, just to name a few. All addictions have one thing in common and that is control. Most people are completely unaware of the addictions that have control over them. This is because people become used to their addictions over a period of time and eventually accept them as normal and simply a part of who they are. I have sat and…

52 LifeLessons Newsletter

by Scott
Things are shaping up as we prepare to leave for the Philippines. Many of our 52 Life Lesson members are from Asia so if you happen to be in the Philippines, feel free to join us.  . I want to give you a couple of pictures to give you an idea what we are doing. This is a poster that advertises our first outreach in Manila.  . After words we will be traveling to Cavite and will be repeating the same conference.  . Grace Empowers us to do some pretty incredible things... Does it mean we won't have…

You Were Created For More

As I walk and pondered our upcoming trip to the Philippines, I couldn't help but be stirred when thinking about our mission and opportunity in front of us in July when we leave for The Dream Tour. Our mission is to speak into the lives of more than 1,000 people concerning God's intention and promise. I have a deep conviction about this and I know that you do too. That conviction and belief is that every ACTION and thought concerning our imagination and dreams has huge consequences and impact upon…

Lesson 2 The 4 Keys to Life

by Scott
Welcome To Your Weekly Audio Segment! This is your second issue of 52 Life Lessons! Dear Life Lesson Friend, In this lesson, I introduce four key areas which we will be exploring together. Here they are, are you ready? Identity - I AM Sufficiency - I HAVE Ability - I CAN Responsibility - I WILL Lack or feelings of weakness in these area's will lead a person toward a co-dependent life-style. Recognizing that God provides the answer to these area's leads us toward a more effective, authentic life…

Life Lesson 3 Discover How to become a partaker

by Scott
Welcome To Your Weekly Audio Segment! This is this weeks issue of 52 Life Lessons! Dear Friend, In this lesson, I introduce the one key factor to becoming a partaker of all that has been provided to you from God. We all desire to live a full and complete life and to experience all that is available to us. But, there is one thing that stops us in our tracks. The answer may be closer then you think. 5.1 Minutes Long Best Wishes! Scott Johnson Visit My Web Page  

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