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Joseph Prince devotional

Joseph Prince devotional with commentary March 10, 2013

by Scott
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Joseph Prince devotionalIn  Joseph Prince devotional today he wrote on the topic, "All That Jesus is, You Are". Now for those who are not familiar with the Old Testament let me give you a precursor to this devotional. Joseph Prince explains that there were two offerings.

        1. Sin offering - Each year the High Priest would sacrifice a lamb as a sin offering. It is interesting to note that when the High Priest placed his hand on that lamb, his full attention and eyes where on that which he placed his hand on and not the people. It was the lamb who represented the people.
        2. Burnt offering- The Burnt offering was different. Instead of sin being transferred to lamb it was the beauty, worthiness of this unblemished animal that was transferred to the people.

         In  the Joseph Prince devotional it states that  "When an Israelite brings an animal as his sin offering, he lays his hand on it before killing it. (Leviticus 4:1–4) By laying his hand on the sin offering, his sins are transferred to the innocent animal. The animal dies for his sins and he goes free.

        Joseph Prince devotional

        Joseph Prince Ministries

        by Scott
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        Joseph Prince SermonsJoseph Prince Ministries is a ministry that is catching a lot of attention these days. I believe that it is because this is a ministry that is speaking to the frustrations many in the church are dealing with.

        When you get down to it, people want their religious beliefs to have tangible results within their lives. People sometimes ask me if I am aware of Joseph Prince Ministries because of the many similarities in my books and message. The answer is of course, yes!

        This is the message that Jesus came to give us. It is called the Gospel, which really means, "The Good News"! The good news of the good news is that Jesus accomplished it all for us. We don't have to wait on, beg for or struggle with it.


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