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How To Experience Greater Results As a Christian

by Scott
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Life Lessons - Scott Johnson

52 Life Lessons #1 -How To Experience Greater Results As a Christian

godsloveIn each lesson, I will seek to lay a foundation of truth that will assist you in some very positive rewarding ways. My desire is for you to experience God's goodness in your life in real and tangible ways where you are experiencing a more fruitful and productive life.

In this first lesson, I introduce the idea about how important it is to get a firm understanding of God's complete love for you and what that means for your personal life.

Joseph Prince devotional

Joseph Prince Ministries

by Scott
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Joseph Prince SermonsJoseph Prince Ministries is a ministry that is catching a lot of attention these days. I believe that it is because this is a ministry that is speaking to the frustrations many in the church are dealing with.

When you get down to it, people want their religious beliefs to have tangible results within their lives. People sometimes ask me if I am aware of Joseph Prince Ministries because of the many similarities in my books and message. The answer is of course, yes!

This is the message that Jesus came to give us. It is called the Gospel, which really means, "The Good News"! The good news of the good news is that Jesus accomplished it all for us. We don't have to wait on, beg for or struggle with it.


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